The Brazilian government has announced a new measure in the Official Register of the Federation.

The announcement said that from January 21, when tyres used to transport goods enter Brazil, they will not have to pay import duties.

The measure was proposed and implemented by the Foreign Trade Commission of Brazil’s Ministry of Economy.

The move is aimed at reducing the cost of domestic road transport and easing the country’s increasingly strained economy.

As of January 31, the country had more than 9.2 million confirmed cases of COVID-19.

On January 5th Brazil’s president declared the government bankrupt.

It was only then that many Brazilians woke up to the importance of China to Latin America’s economies.

It is understood that in recent years, Brazil’s anti-dumping investigation on Chinese tires has been continuing.

The investigation covers a wide range of products and imposes high trade barriers on China’s tire exports.

In August 2012, Brazil launched its first anti-dumping investigation against automobile tires from China.

The applicants for these investigations are the Brazilian National Tire Industry Association (ANIP).